Turkish Garden of Paradise, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015

Clients   The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism

This lavish and evocative garden is influenced by early Turkish Islamic Gardens of the 10th century. It features traditional Islamic elements including strong geometric architecture, a pavilion to provide shade, and fountains and rills for cooling water and its surrounding. A high wall containing a window grille surrounds the garden, providing privacy and enclosure while representing the nature of paradise to be secret and hidden away.

The hard landscaping is softened with herbaceous planting representing the rich flora that blooms in Turkey. Flower beds containing blooms with bold, hot tones provide energy and excitement. A plane tree, cypresses, and fruit trees offer shade, structure and height.

The whole combination provides a modern approach, capturing the essence of all that early Turkish gardens mean to Turks and represents Turkish culture, history and rich flora: an important horticultural destination and reason to visit Turkey.

The garden has received a gold medal and ‘Best World Garden Award’ in the show.